About Us

Our Origin: Empowering Local Connections

MySyde was born from a simple, yet crucial need: to bridge the gap between local businesses and their communities. As entrepreneurs, we struggled with the limitations of traditional social media, which often failed to connect us with our immediate surroundings. We asked ourselves, why can't we directly engage with our local community? Why is it hard to discover and utilize nearby resources?


Our Solution: MySyde, More Than Just an App

We created MySyde to solve these challenges. Our platform goes beyond traditional social media's follower-based limitations, instead fostering real, local connections. We offer businesses the chance to share their location and showcase their unique stories and offerings to the community.

Our Mission: Revitalizing Local Entrepreneurship

At MySyde, we're filling a vital market gap, creating a digital space where local businesses and communities thrive. Our mission is to empower local entrepreneurship, connect communities, and make every local business well-known in its neighborhood.

At MySyde, we're more than just a team; we're a family. A family committed to the success of our fellow entrepreneurs and the flourishing of our communities. Join us in our mission to transform the way we connect locally. Because together, on MySyde, we can create a world where local thrives